Serving God Or Money

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'...You cannot serve both God and Money.'
Matthew 6:24

Let's be honest. For most of us, materialism is God's main rival. But it's possible to get increasingly free of it. Author John Ortberg writes: 'Sometimes when I'm speaking, I try a little exercise in dethroning the idol. I ask people to take out their wallet...It looks like a piece of leather. But it's really the temple of the 21st century. Most people in our day believe that their ability to experience happiness is directly associated with the contents of this little container. This is where the god Mammon lives. We give this little piece of leather the power to make us feel secure, successful, and valuable. It's very hard for us to surrender control of this little piece of leather.

The real issue: Who's in charge? Are you holding it, or is it holding you? So as a little baby step of surrender, I ask people to hand it to the person next to them. At this point the attention level in the room goes way up. Then I announce that we're going to take an offering. I encourage people to give with the extravagant generosity they have always wanted to exhibit. Wallets fly back to their original owners fast at this point. Then I invite them to declare today, 'Enough day.' What I have now - my home, my job, my possessions, my family, my lifestyle - is enough. I will seek another and better kind of wealth than terminal acquisition.' Then he tells the audience, 'Circle today on your calendar. From this day on, your race with the Joneses is over. The Joneses win, but so do you!'

Used with permission from UCB Word for Today. Free issues are available here for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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Anonymous said…
Amen, Mike. Out of my own experience, I've learnt to let money serve me and not the other way round. Its not easy but its possible.
Steve said…
Any word about money and giving is challenging!
Thank you!
Pietro said…
It's good not to have economic problems and at the same time it's important to be free from the hunger for money.
Regina said…
Wonderful message!
I'll come back to reread it:)

Cheers for the New Year!
Anonymous said…
Dear brother ,

glory to our Lord from Romania !!!!
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my friend Tammy Nischan wrote the story of some kids and we fight for them to help this kids .

I LOVE YOU BLOG , i`m praying that our GOD to give you one blessed life !!
Happy new year and all the best in all what you doing ,my friend !!!

and you alls of you wich want to read areal story of life and how i founded the LORD of my life you can look at the blog !

sweet blessings ,

Abbey said…
What I have today is "enough" ... this was an eye-opener. Wonderful analogy, Mike. You are the second that I will tell that I prayed this afternoon and I was feeling blue. God sent me to your blog. Thanks be unto Him who guides my life. And may He continue to bless you!