Digging Wells That Won't Hold Water

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'My people have...dug...cisterns...that cannot hold water.'
Jeremiah 2:13

Do you feel like there's something missing in your life? Are you running from place to place and person to person trying to find it? Until you put God at the centre of your life, you'll keep digging 'cisterns...that cannot hold water.' We all want to be loved and feel successful, so we look to our jobs or to others for a sense of fulfilment. But by expecting a person or a pay cheque to do what only God can, we keep coming up short. 'Cursed is the...one who depends on mere humans...he's like a tumbleweed...rootless and aimless...But blessed is the man who trusts...God...They're like trees...putting down roots near...rivers...calm through droughts, bearing...fruit every season' (Jeremiah 17:5-8 TM).

Fulfilment doesn't come from having 'the right people' in your life, or more money, prestige and accomplishments. A larger house won't do it; you'll just have more to clean. The latest car won't do it; you'll just end up with bigger payments. A job promotion won't do it; you'll just have more stress and longer hours. Yes, you'll make more money, but after taxes and buying what you need to maintain your new image, you'll be back to square one. At the end of a lifetime spent '...striving after [the] wind...' (Ecclesiastes 2:11 NAS). Solomon said, 'Everything...can be put into a few words: Respect and obey [honour and put your trust in] God! This is what life is all about' (Ecclesiastes 12:13 CEV). The One you're looking for today has been there all along, and He's ready to meet you at the point of your need. You just have to invite Him in!

Used with permission from UCB Word for Today. Free issues are available here for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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Mike said…
Wow, do I need to learn this one! Sometimes I think that this lesson is the only one worth learning in my life, and that God will keep on at me until I get it! It is so tempting to believe that I will be happy if I get that latest gadget, or get into that relationship, or get into the perfect job or the perfect church!

Do you know why I look there? It's because I am lazy. The wells of the Holy Spirit yield refreshment and fulfilment after discipline and devotion. It takes time, prayer and self sacrifice. But boy does that water satisfy!!

I confess today that I've been looking in the lazy places and the stress and pressure of Christmas is affecting me. But I'm not going to let it continue. Today I'm going to the secret place to have a proper drink.
GrandmaK said…
Wonderful analogy!!! Yes, indeed, I tend to look in all the wrong places. But as you said, Mike, I really do know where the true refreshment lies! Thank you! Cathy
Kansas Bob said…
Reminds me of that verse in John 7 that speaks of living water coming from our innermost being. Always good to remember that water gets stale and stagnant when it is kept in the well.
Pietro said…
To put our trust in God, this is essential and great indeed.
Abbey said…
This is something that I have been trying to learn and I hope that I am getting there with the aide of the Holy Spirit as my guide. You cannot reap the fruits without the labor.

There's a wonderful book called "Happy Yoga" that notes the difference between pleasure (which comes briefly from things/people/accomplishments) and happiness (which comes from within, and has nothing to do with things, etc.). I let everything else fall away and smile deeply inside saying "I love you" to the Divine Within - the place where I connect to my Lord - throughout my day. I am happy.
deena said…
I thank God for not leaving us as orphans,for giving us the Holy Spirit who cleanses,purifies,quenches and provides us with all good gifts.All that we ask for-we receive in good measure.Praise God! In Him our hope,trust and faith is found.
Steve said…
Thank you for this word too!