Preparing For Lent

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Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert...Matthew 4:1

Last week I mentioned to a R that I hadn't decided what to give up for this Lent. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning and is only a couple of weeks away. It's traditionally a time of remembering Jesus' time in the wilderness, of coming before God in repentance, often involving some kind of fast; a time of showing God that we mean business. "Why don't you take something up instead", R said, "like praying in tongues for half an hour a day?". Wow, I thought, that's an idea. Although I suspect that giving something up is easier than taking on something new.

I think it's really important not to get legalistic in what I do but to bear in mind this scripture from Matthew. Jesus was led by the Spirit and if you are thinking about Lent like me, then listen to the Spirit. Ask him what He is calling you to focus on. Yes, Jesus did give up much during His time in the desert but it was for the purpose of taking up. He took up prayer, calling, contemplation, solitude, and battle!

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Very good advice...Listen to the Spirit! I try to fast more which is most difficult for me. I love to eat! Making the commitment in love,sincerity, and prayerfully is most important. Wishing you a grand weekend and thank you for this post! Cathy
Gudl said…
Great post and reminder!
Pietro Brosio said…
Excellent post, great concepts.
Mary said…
HI, I read your blog daily - thanks so much for such uplifting posts. I am new to blogging - not sure how to set up my page othen than the name - I will figure it out. God bless
Schotzy said…
I believe that a dedicated time of praying in tongues would effect enormous change in the heavenlies for I believe there is power to be unlocked in such prayer... My prayer group is seeking also to move into more corporate praying in tongues.. just within our smaller circle... as Southern Baptists we have to step lightly but we hope to carry a huge impact on our church and community!!
Regina said…
Thank you for the message. I am reminded to go up to the prayer mountain ( we have one here).
Even for just and overnight of prayer and fasting.

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