Let It Be Known

Photo by Blue Square Thing
I had a great text from a friend yesterday as we were reflecting on what God was doing amongst us in our church community. She said, "Yes, it's wonderful what God is doing in our lives, making Himself known". Wow. This really reminded me that this grace, presence and experience of Him is not just about us, it's about Him making HIMSELF known through us. So how much do I keep all this God stuff to myself? How quick am I to share what God is doing? When we receive healing how quick are we to stand up and say, "Guess what happened!!?". 

We British do reticence very well. Don't want to get too enthusiastic. Don't want people to think we're going over the top, becoming  Jesus freaks. It's wise to be cautious and wait for the right moment isn't it? When the Spirit leads etc etc etc. Yesterday I was telling a friend how much God has been doing in my life over these last few years. He has been blessing me with such an awareness of His Presence and I am becoming more and more hungry for Him and discovering that He responds to hunger. He loves it! He loves it when we come and give it all to Him and He pours more and more into our lives as we draw near to Him. As I shared I felt tears coming and I felt awkward. Afterwards I wondered if I had said too much, been too gushing. But to be honest I don't think I, or most of us are in danger of going over the top when talking about Jesus! I want to be more in danger of going over the top than becoming lukewarm!

As God has reminded me, I want to remind you that all He has done and is doing in your life is not just to bless you. It's to reveal Himself to those around you making known His great love and compassion for them. Come Holy Spirit and make yourself known through us!


Steve said…
Thanks for your thoughts......very honest and refreshing.
Cathy Keller said…
It never hurts to reflect on the blessing and the trials we experience. Better yet when we realize the Providence in it all. God Bless!! Cathy