My Top 10 Podcasts

These are just 10 of my current favourite podcasts, in no particular order :)

1. The Moth Storytelling at its best. Brilliant, fabulous, addictive. Need I say more? Subscribe
2. Desert Island Discs Often moving, fascinating, interesting, homely. Subscribe
3. Bethel Church California Enlightening, comforting, challenging, fun. Subscribe 

4. GodPod Brilliant, intelligent, though provoking, accessible. Subscribe

5.BBC Music Magazine Perfect with a cup of tea and the monthly magazine on your lap. Subscribe
6. Mars Hill Church Mark Driscoll. Punchy, direct, infuriating, may raise your blood pressure but also may bring you to your knees. Subscribe
7.Stuff To Blow Your Mind Very very interesting. Mostly science fiction, but then doesn't most stuff in sci-fi actually happen? Subscribe

8. Apostolic Keynote Messages from Kingdom Faith Church Colin Urquhart has been a hugely important figure in the UK for many years, and he still preaches with such anointing from the Spirit. I am never failed to be inspired by his messages. Subscribe

  9. Fire On Your Head Good lively discussion. Honest. Probing. Subscribe

10. Unbelievable! From London's Premier Radio. An apologetics debating programme that brings together Christians and atheists, agnostics, people from other faiths and sects. Truly inspiring, thought provoking and infuriating! Subscribe


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