Prophecy from Bethel on UK

Very interesting prophecy from Bethel Church in California. Also read this from The Telegraph.


Lynda Alsford said…
Very interesting indeed. I await it with interest! I shall be at New Wine on 27th July so I'm really looking forward to it now!
Barbara said…
Some great stuff coming out of Bethel which is making a difference to us here. one of our guys just finished his second year in school of supernatural and b ack for year 3 in September. Just had a gret conference here with Chad & Julia Dedman too.
Schotzy said…
Hi, IM a blogger who have followed you on and off for a while and was so excited to read a while back of a move of the spirit in your church. I was so thrilled to rad it I sent word of it to a friend in Manchester and Birmingham.. Then at our ladies aglow meeting we received word of a recent prophecy from the Elijah List... and it made me think of you... and then when I saw this from Bethel church. and I was doubly enthralled!
Blessings to you in the UK and may the winds of the spirit blow ever stronger and catch hold of the US!