God Is On The Move!

The prophets are speaking and the saints are praying. God is doing a new thing and many can feel it. I was blessed and encouraged to read Jarrod Cooper's thoughts on what he believes 2012 will bring. "10 clouds in the sky."  Come Holy Spirit!

It’s 2012 and I hear the “sound of a heavy rain”. The horizon is awash with small prophetic clouds, “the size of a man’s hand” 1 Kings 18:41-46. Something is going on in the heavenlies and here’s my reasoning:

1. The “great” can feel it: The Queen states “Jesus wasn’t a Philosopher …. but a Saviour who came to forgive our sins”. The Prime Minister calls for the Anglican Church to spearhead a revival of Christian morality. When the prophets are the Queen and the Prime Minister, something’s going on!
2. There’s never been so many miracles. Everywhere I go in our region pastors are telling me of cancer patients healed, tumours disappearing, deaf ears opening, long term sick recovering. From small things to life changing miracles, I’ve never seen so many miracles in this region. We long for so much more, but we are in so much more than we’ve ever known!
3. The Unsaved are Drawn: Once again God is bringing people to church buildings and they are saying things like “I’m not sure why I’m here!” They then get saved. When the Spirit Himself is drawing people to church, you know the heavens are pregnant with purpose.
4. Backsliders on fire! I’ve never known the luke warm burst into blaze like the last 6 months! It is so easy to get bogged down with so much in life, but I’ve seen so many friends starting to burn with a passion for the real things of God. Quiet Christians getting passionate. The trendy becoming divine troublemakers! This is God and God alone!


photowannabe said…
This thrills me Michael.
God on the move...
We are praying for a revival in our area too. Sacramento,CA.
Luis Palau is coming to our area and the whole area and its churches are having a season of service. Reaching beyond the walls of the church out to the communities. Its very exciting. We want people to see Christians involved in their world and truly caring about people.
Mike said…
Amen. Exciting indeed.. praying it all goes well for you!
ChrisJ said…
Exciting times, Mike. I am moved. We don't hear enough of what God is doing outside our circles.
Barbara said…
We continue to press in.
Hi! Mike
Have missed catching up with your blogs since we all got so caught up in Facebook!!!!!