My God And King

My God and King
To You alone I sing
You're the face I seek
For all eternity

You'd be my dream come true
Just to be with You
How I'd see brand new
With eyes for only You

My God and King
Through the storm I sing
Covered by Your wing
This song of love I bring

You are my dream come true
Just to be with You
Now I see brand new
With eyes for only You

I love modern rock band worship. It has an energy and passion for God that is infectious, but I came to the Lord in the 80's and this intimate style of worship still presses all my buttons! Maybe it was the amazing freshness of discovering that God wanted to be present in His Holy Spirit that brought this worship alive to me. Many have criticised these intimate love songs to Jesus and call for songwriters to focus on His transcendence and holiness, noting particularly that men in the church find it difficult to sing these 'love songs'. That might be the case, and I certainly agree that we need to see God as completely 'other' to us. But I also hope we don't lose intimacy in our worship. The ability to let Jesus love us lavishly and to be in a place where we ask for nothing but just enjoy Him.


Anonymous said…
It seems that the music we've experienced at spiritually significant times are all the more sweet to us.
deena said…
Great song-love the lyrics.
Barbara said…
Amen, Amen we do need both and these intimate songs of worship certainly draw us closer and quieten us down.

Must go to Integrity and buy this one as I do like Terry MacAlmon. Thanks.