GodPod On Forgiveness

Some time ago I sent a question into the Godpod podcast. It went like this:

I have been thinking about forgiveness and the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation. We know that we should always forgive those who have hurt us, but is reconciliation always a must? eg. How does that work out in a serious situation like sexual abuse. Indeed, are we even always required to forgive when the person admits no wrong? Is there a difference between having a forgiving spirit and the actuality of forgiveness in a particular situation? God always holds out forgiveness to us but isn't that dependent on repentance on our part? When Jesus prayed on the cross 'Father forgive them', were they automatically forgiven or is it possible that they were not forgiven because they did not repent of what they did?

I was delighted when they responded on the following show. You can listen in your reader or here.  Forgiveness can be tough and I don't think there are easy answers to our difficult situations, but I do believe that God guides us through them to bring peace.