Youth 2000

I'm always pleased when I am asked to play in a Youth band LOL... Last week the Catholic Church in the UK held an event in South London over the New Year holiday for young Catholics and my friends at our local church asked me to be involved. It's been a while since I played in a worship band and I enjoyed it so much!  It was a great evening of exuberant worship, the first time I had led worship in a Catholic setting and I found it challenging and thought provoking. 

I can't say that I am comfortable with all that comes with the RC package, but I was impressed with the heart of these young people who are willing to be counter cultural and seek the heart of Jesus for their lives, something which is considerably difficult in our day. It was great to be able to look past all the ritual and see that they had a deep love for Christ and a desire to serve Him and be changed. It's sad that in our churches we sometimes only see the externals and what separates us instead of what we have in common = Jesus.


Steve said…
I first became aware of the effect of renewal in the Catholic church when a young Polish man started attending my then church St Mark's in Kennington, South London in the early 1990's. He was quite at home in a 'renewed Anglican church' and felt that the atmosphere was the same as his own mid-week church meetings in Warsaw. It was clear to me that he had come into spiritual renewal in that environment.
Additionally I once went for prayer from nuns in Westminster Cathedral in Victoria. Apart from her sense of the presence of Mary interceding the prayers prayed with me could easily have taken place in an Anglican church. It is clear that God's spirit is very much at work right across the Christian church and is not restricted by our individual limited understanding of Biblical truth.