Jesus & Repentance

Repentance is not something you just do to become a Christian, but something you do to grow as a Christian
Mark Driscoll

I remember as child, my mother’s frustration when I would say ‘sorry’ after doing something wrong. ‘No you’re not’, she would say, ‘otherwise you’d stop doing it!’ Sometimes we are sorry but not repentant, and there is a huge difference. Repentance is agreeing with God that we are like sheep, wanting to go our own way, but that He knows best. It’s saying, ‘whatever, wherever, whenever’, and putting our own petty agendas on the back burner.

I have only come across Mars Hill Church and Mark Driscoll very recently, recommended by another blogger in Singapore. I guess Driscoll is well known in the US but here in Britain not so as yet… His podcast is now one of my favourites. It’s refreshing to hear a man who is unafraid of preaching on repentance, hell and tough stuff! If we don’t hear this then we will be lesser for it and further from Christ.


Barbara said…
I am wondering if this is the Driscoll family that preach on Premier.
photowannabe said…
That's the key be sorry but not repentent. Its so much easier to be sorry and just fall back into the same habits than to truly repent and move on.
A good word for today. Thanks.
ChrisJ said…
I've heard of Mark Driscoll but am not really familiar with him. I'm sure my husband will know him. He is out in the South pacific, teaching on the Seven Churches, right now.
Kansas Bob said…
Repentance is about change and sometimes it comes in small steps in a different direction instead of monumental turns.
Matthew said…
Couldn't agree more...I can't stand it when someone says sorry, but it happens again and again. Then I think of how I do the same with God and I'm completely humbled. Thanks for posting!