Bay Of The Holy Spirit Revival

Church of His Presence This is the first I've heard of this revival. I've been so moved watching many healing testimonies on You Tube. It's sometimes hard not to be sceptical about these movements, especially when they have been so open to abuse, but God will still heal despite our failings, and He will continue to heal to the joy of those who believe. Thank you God!


Melanie said…
I love stuff like this. :D
Barbara said…
Thanks for sharing Mike.I had not heard of this revival either. Many going to Bethel from here.
lioneagle said…
Hi Mike -

I too have tuned in to the revival.

Did you see the youtube video (about 13 minutes long) about gospel singer Delia Knox who was in a wheelchair for about 23-1/2 years? And the subsequent videos that she now walks?! Awesome testimony of GOD's healing.