What Is Your Cave?

Devetashka caveImage by Plamen Stoev via Flickr
Taken from Shiyju's Blog.

We all go through things in life that at one point we have not been through before. Sometimes the pressure builds so much that you cannot take it any longer. This is a crucial place in life.

All people including generals of God, go through their own times of unbearable pressure. And during these times, the natural man’s natural reaction is to pull out or withdraw and hide in a cave that they build for themselves.

For example, some men find their cave in coffee shops, video games, zipping across town in a car till they get a speeding ticket, etc. With women? I am yet to find what caves they build. May be you know better if you have come across any. But we all have our own caves that we hide in.

The intolerable pressure is of extreme importance because this is the turning place in life. This is your turn to praise in the midst of your trouble, your opportunity to trust God in bad times and your time to see some amazing testimonies take form.

There was a prophet named Elijah who went through exactly this situation. He had a wicked queen put a price on his head. (1 Kings 19) So, Elijah ran away into a cave. Here are a few things we can learn from his experience.

The Nominal Spirit
Feeling little. Rejection usually makes you feel that little. This is one of the enemy’s trick to take you down. He makes you feel so useless, so little that you give up your real destiny. Are you feeling that way? Do you feel like a nobody? Oh, the Bible says, you are more than a conqueror. Come out of that cave!

Pity Party
Elijah’s hue and cry was mainly about how it was just him. God had to remind him saying that,  ”No, Elijah there are more than 7000 prophets that are not bowed down to the idol of Baal” How many times have we felt that way?” Oh it’s only me who is suffering this way or no one in the world feels what I feel. No-one is betrayed like me. No-one else, just me…” Again, a lie of the enemy. The Bible clearly says, there is no temptation that has come to you that is not common to man. Get out of that cave of self pity.

Do Not Allow Fear
We’ve heard this before but it is good to remember, courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to overcome it. The first thing that comes with pressure is overt fear. Our mind does wonderfully, during times of pressure, in doing what it does best called imagination. We imagine the worst. We imagine the scariest.
Before we know, instead of standing up to it you find yourself running from it. Begin to believe God over your circumstance. It is easy to believe God when things are going easy, but can you believe God when things are not going the way you thought it would? Get out of the cave of fear right now, in Jesus name!

Do Not Glorify Your Enemy
Elijah began to be very afraid about his circumstance. Overemphasis on your enemy is glorifying your enemy. Don’t talk about how big the Goliath is, talk about how big your God is. Every time you talk about how big your God is that turns into praise. So every time you emphasize on your circumstance, you are praising the enemy.

The Passive Victim
Elijah ate nothing. Felt nothing. Did nothing. Hear, hear! Doing nothing equals to helping your enemy dig your own grave. The Lord does not want us to put up with oppression but He desires that we conquer it. We must develop Christ’s attitude toward evil. He came ‘to destroy the works of the devil’ (1 John 3:8)

It is either that we are chasing the devil or the devil is chasing us. Every time the enemy tries to infiltrate your mind with sin, sickness, sadness, sorrow, do not let it settle. Be alert to recognize and conquer the oppression. You reading this post, get out of your apathetic cave! You got work to do, Elijah!

Get out of your cave whatever size or kind it would be. Greater things are yet to come. But the greatest enemy you face is ‘yourself.’ And you can get out of it by acknowledging what you are facing and seeing the greater things that are yet to come. It is only when you come out of your cave that you begin to hear God’s voice and direction clearly. Start now.


Pietro said…
I think we must try to get out of our cave and pray: the prayer could be a simple intense thought or the Pater Noster or other prayers. Prayer is really essential, illuminating, helpful in our life.
Wanda said…
Oh Mike, thanks for sharing this. So many good nuggets to chew on my friend.
Steve Finnell said…
you are invited to follow my blog
Toia said…
I am visiting from Wanda'a blog. This would make a great series b/c many of us (if not all)has dwell in a cave or currently liviing in one. This post is like a road map on how to find your way out of the cave.

I love the kingdom nuggets and how you apply them scriptures. Blessings to you on this post. Have a bless weekend!!
Steve said…
This warrants a few more reads...very thought provoking and well put together!
I'm out, now what? Thank YOU!!!!
ChrisJ said…
My cave is my patio on a warm day,fountains and waterfalls playing, birds chirping and squabbling at the seed table. My other place is my lounger in the den late at night and I do mean late. Everything is quiet. Nothing to distract me. Bible close at hand and then I tussle with the knotty things of life -- mine mostly being fear and anxiety. My cave is the place I plan strategy of what I will do when I come out.