O Gott Du Frommer Gott - Brahms

O Gott Du Frommer Gott - Brahms

Oh God, you righteous God
you source of good gifts,
without whom nothing exists that does exist,
from whom we have everything :
give me a healthy body
and grant that in such a body
there may remain an inviolate soul
and a pure conscience.

I haven't been blogging much recently due to my upcoming and final organ exam. I'll be playing this piece of Brahms to a critical ear on Thursday, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Anonymous said…
good words. press on & do well!
Pietro said…
Good luck for your final organ exam, I'm sure it will be excellent!
Of course, truth cannot contradict itself: we read and appreciate the various different thoughts and quotes but we well know which is the real truth.
Regina said…
This is a beautiful piece.
Great talent. You can make it.
Anonymous said…
Mike -
I don't know if you've alreadyhad this final exam and I wish you well but, please, don't cross you fingers at the wrong time.

ChrisJ said…
DON't know much about organ music, but it sounded good to me. But I really like the words. Hope all goes well.
photowannabe said…
Thinking of you and know you will do an awesome job. You have passion.
Gudl said…
How did it go?
Did I tell you that my Dad was the organ player of the oldest playable organ in Germany? Kiedrich? The organ is from 1500something.
He played it for over 60 years. He started as a boy.
Mike said…
I think I remember you saying that Gudrun. fascinating! Would love to have a go! It went really well I think, but I have to wait a few more days for the result.. :)
Steve said…
Lovely rendition. No wonder you passed!
Mike said…
I actually don't have the results yet ha ha!