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I've recently been browsing for new podcasts and came across the Godpod from St Paul's Theological Centre. It is currently only at episode 54 but already I am addicted! Fantastic discussions on faith, culture and all things church. It's described as:
A regular podcast where theologians Graham Tomlin, Mike Lloyd and Jane Williams get together to discuss burning issues of God, theology, life and much more, over an endless supply of coffee and biscuits.
Art, Honesty & Church is a recent favourite episode of mine and can be heard here. "Charlie Mackesy artist, preacher and very interesting chap, joins the regular team to talk about art, faith, and honesty in church."

You can subscribe in iTunes or directly here. Fantastic stuff!


GrandmaK said…
Thanks for the info! Cathy
Pietro said…
This is interesting, I'll go to the various links. Thanks for sharing.
Regina said…
Thank you for the links.
A wonderful weekend.
photowannabe said…
Thank, I will take a look at it.