Let Him Comfort You

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The God of all comfort, who comforts us
2 Corinthians 1:3

God can make you comfortable in the most uncomfortable places. He can pull you out of situations you thought you'd be stuck in forever. He can give you peace, even in the midst of trauma. Before your life is over, you'll live, love and experience loss. Losing some things will actually help you to appreciate the things you still have. It's the taste of failure that makes success so sweet. How can you celebrate victory unless you've known defeat? You'll live each day not knowing what tomorrow holds, but knowing that God holds all your tomorrows. They're not in the hands of your boss, your broker, your mate, or anybody else. Nor are they in your hands to manipulate and control. No, all your tomorrows are in God's hands!

So whatever you do; get to know Him, because you'll need Him. And He'll be there for you. He'll be there when everybody and everything else has gone. He'll be there for you in the dark places. His promise to you is, '... Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning' (Psalm 30:5 Amp). However long the night, morning always comes and with it His joy. Just think, no matter how dark the night, you've always lived to see the morning. Right? Somehow His grace has protected you, provided for you, secured you, calmed and comforted you, and brought you through. Times and seasons change, but not God. He's always '... The God of all comfort... ' and He's watching over you today!

Used with permission from UCB Word for Today. Free issues are available here for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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Gudl said…
I liked this so much, Mike, that I shared it on my FACEBOOK. thank you!
Mike said…
Thank you Gudrun!
Suz said…
These are words I need today and tomorrow and the tomorrows after that. Was just praying that tomorrow would be in his hands, that I would release control over things and know that he is one who is purposing the outcomes.
Pietro said…
So true: God is really a friend very close to us, beyond all expectation.
Regina said…
Beautiful message. Thank you for sharing.

What a friend we have in Jesus.
Barbara said…
Very good and we do need the negative or we would never recognise the positive. Would not know light without dark etc.

Blessings Mike