Pentecost 2010

An amazing evening at the Hammersmith Apollo, with HTB, Jesus House & Hillsong London. The anticipation was intense with camera crews and photographers all over the place... nothing quite prepared me for the energy and enthusiasm, not to mention the volume! 3 churches meant 3 sermons, with an emphasis on unity, which seems to be what the Spirit is saying to us all this year. The Spirit was asked to come by Nicky Gumbel and some laughter started to ripple out just from where he was standing... and then people were praying for each other all over the auditorium.

An evening not for the faint hearted. I had not realised that 'Stalls' meant 'Standing', but there was not much time to sit on the job anyway with 3 hours of non-stop high energy worship. Reuben Morgan, Tim Hughes and the Jesus House Choir (wonderful!), all came out to deafening cheers.

Quite an experience and unlike anything I've ever encountered before,not least because of the sheer energy and passion of the worshippers. Come Holy Spirit!

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Britt Arnhild said…
Have a blessed Whitsun/Pentecost Mike.
My Best Wishes too 1!
GrandmaK said…
Indeed, Come Holy Spirit Come!!!! Amen! Cathy
Pietro said…
Thanks for sharing this significant experience.