Our God Saves

Our God Saves - Paul Baloche

Our God is a God who saves!
Psalm 68:20

Cover of "Our God Saves"Cover of Our God Saves

I've been reminded again this week that I need to keep focused on the fact God Saves. If there's one guarantee in life, it's that we will face trouble and hardship. Sometimes things just make no sense at all and suffering comes, but the truth is still the same; our God saves! He has overcome the world and He wants us to show Him that we trust, we believe, that we are people of faith looking forward not back; looking forward to something better that He has for us! Have a blessed Sunday and let's pray for each other, that we can look beyond our circumstances to find that He is a Rock that cannot be moved.

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Wanda said…
A true post!
mary said…
Sure words of faith and hope, thanks Mike
Pietro said…
So true words.
Gudl said…
Thank you God for saving us!