Way Of The Cross

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Whoever belongs to Christ must go the whole way with him. He must mature to adulthood: he must one day or other walk the way of the cross to Gethsemane and Golgotha. Will you remain faithful to the Crucified One? The world is in flames, the battle between Christ and the Antichrist has broken into the open. If you decide for Christ, it could cost you your life. Carefully consider what you promise. Edith Stein

These words hit me!! So often I try to make my cross comfortable or use my reasoning to try and explain why this thing isn't a cross and why I should put it down... but I am called to pick it up and carry it.. for Him. The world says there is no such thing as a cross and even some in the church would soften it, but there it is. Pick it up and consider it a privilege. That is the challenge of this week.

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Bernie said…
Wonderful words for thought.....:-) Hugs
GrandmaK said…
You know, Mike, I don't think you are alone in wanting to make your cross comfortable...I am the same way. Indeed, it is a privilege to carry whatever cross we are to bear. No one said it would be easy. Yet consider the rewards! Thank you for this post! Cathy
Steve said…
Thanks for this thought. Obviously very appropriate at this time.
Pietro said…
In fact we tend to make our cross comfortable: thanks for this significant thought.
Abbey said…
For you, dear one, I pray for a blessed and Happy Easter. Pray for me as I pray for you!

In Christ,
Edith Stein was a Jewish Catholic who perished in Auschwitz. She refused to renounce her Jewish background. In her youth she was an atheist, but was converted while on holiday - she picked up the biography of Teresa of Avila and was gripped and challenged by what she had read.
Kansas Bob said…
"consider it a privilege" - amen Mike!
photowannabe said…
It is a privilege. Have a blessed Easter Mike.
Regina said…
Thank you for the cross Lord.
Wonderful message.

A Blessed Resurrection!