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'...Did not our heart burn...while He talked with us...?'
Luke 24:32

Mobile phones, laptops, hand-held PCs and electronic organisers can become our slave drivers. We need to stop and ask ourselves, 'Can God interrupt me? Can He get my attention short of a catastrophe?' Some of your 'God experiences' will happen when you're preoccupied with something else. So pray that you'll be sensitive enough to realise it's God, and respond to Him rather than the pressures around you. If you decide to pursue your own agenda instead of God's, don't be surprised when you run into a brick wall and end up asking, 'What went wrong?' The answer is, you didn't take time for God!

Look at Mary and Martha when Jesus visited their home in Bethany. Martha's focus was on cooking dinner for Him; Mary's was on soaking up every word He spoke. Now both are necessary, but when forced to choose between the two the Lord will always choose the one who sits at His feet in adoration and learns from Him. Listen to the words of a couple who'd just encountered Christ on the Emmaus Road following His resurrection, yet they didn't recognise Him: '..."Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road...?"' (Luke 24:32 NKJV). God can give you a solution or a strategy 'on the road' that will solve a problem waiting for you at work. He can de-stress you so you sail confidently through a test in school. He can give you direction for the future while you're doing mundane things around the house. All He requires is that you be sensitive to Him, available to Him, and responsive to Him.

Used with permission from UCB Word for Today. Free issues are available here for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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Mike said…
This is a major challenge for me at the moment.. The Internet, mobile phones, emails etc etc etc are constantly pushing God out of my life, and I'm suffering. Once upon a time I used to find it easy to find solitude, alas no longer. Jesus placed a high value on solitude and getting away. This Lent I am being challenged not to let these insidious distractions pull me away from what is the most important thing. And my prayer is that my life will start to change.
Pietro said…
I fully agree with you. On the other hand, I think we must also consider that Jesus surely succeeds in making us feel His presence in spite of the distractions of the Internet, mobile phones etc.
Kansas Bob said…
One of my favorite sayings goes something like this - God does call the qualified but qualifies the called.. guess I thought of that when I read "All He requires is that you be sensitive to Him, available to Him, and responsive to Him."
Steve said…
Being rather a tense person who can be easily wound up I've always gravitated towards the Marian role of meditating and listening to God as the only way I can find genuine peace.
Robyn said…
Agreed. May we all learn to unplug and sit at His feet beholding the beauty of our King.

Oh, to look at Him... and to look like Him.

"But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord. (2 Cor 3:18)