Stop Complaining And Start Gaining

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Do everything without complaining...
Philippians 2:14

Two groups of psychology students were wired for recording purposes, and assigned a period to socialise freely. One group knew the experiment would measure the level of complaining in normal conversation; the other group did not. Afterwards, both groups were shocked by how frequently they complained. The group in the know complained almost as much as the group unaware of what the experiment was aiming to achieve. It's the oldest response in the book - literally! Confronted with our choices and actions, we spontaneously start complaining: 'It was their fault, not mine; If they hadn't... I wouldn't have.' Adam needed no lessons in the art of complaining. Caught red-handed, he told God, '..."The woman whom You gave... me, she gave me... and I ate." ...the woman [Eve]... said, "The serpent deceived me, and I ate" ' (Genesis 3:12-13 NAS).

Neither accepted responsibility for their choices. And since God doesn't help people who won't be responsible, He threw the complainers out of Paradise. If they ever subsequently 'got it' regarding complaining, they didn't transmit it to their offspring, Israel: 'Now the people complained... in the hearing of the Lord... his anger was aroused. Then fire... consumed... the outskirts of the camp' (Numbers 11:1 NIV). Notice, all complaining is 'in the hearing of the Lord', and He clearly doesn't want to hear it! Paul writes, 'Do not complain as some of them did; they were killed by the angel that destroys. The things that happened to those people are examples... written down to teach us...' (1 Corinthians 10:10-11 NCV). Clean up your verbal act! Decide to detect, reject and eject all complaining from your vocabulary.

Used with permission from UCB Word for Today. Free issues are available here for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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GrandmaK said…
"Clean up your verbal act! Decide to detect, reject and eject all complaining from your vocabulary." I think when I am not complaining I am more productive and can focus on the "other" and not so much on the "self." At least that works for me. Great post! Cathy
Pietro said…
Very fine post. I agree, we should try to be more positive, without complaining too much.
I have recently read some literature on the subject of human happiness and the authors, all of whom are secular, say that gratitude and the habit of counting one' blessings, are very important to a sense of well-being. Have you read the book 59 Seconds? It is well worth a read.
Abbey said…
Excellent! I committed to "give up" WORRY during Lent (and if successful - hopefully - EJECT IT), so now I can add to that giving up COMPLAINING! Nice post, Mike!
Steve said…
I think we're all tempted to complain. I know I am, particularly about the powers that be.
Anonymous said…
hile the Bible says that complaining is a sin, it also states that it can lead to further disobedience. Along with complaining comes pouting. If you complain too much or focus on all the negative things, you can lose sight of all the good things God does in your life. This can lead to an attitude where you lose faith and cause others to lose faith, too.

Psalm 106:25 - They grumbled in their tents and did not obey the LORD. (NIV)

Regina said…
I will. Great message for today.
Wonderful reminder.
Great post.
Abbey said…
One day and I have already faced a test with regard to WORRY, which took me on down the road of COMPLAINING! I had a 45-minute drive home and it gave me plenty of time to realize, accept and to ask our Loving Father for His help. Boy, this is not going to be easy - but neither was the Passion of Christ. Nothing compares to that.

Peace be with you!