Skywatch #85

Plane Spotting, originally uploaded by duopastorale.

The skies have been amazing this week... yesterday my walk bore some good snaps. I live very close to Heathrow Airport in London and planes take off over the house. I always see them when I walk on the Heath. As I turned to walk home the sky looked as if it was brewing something... happy skywatching!

SkybrewImage by duopastorale via Flickr

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Pietro said…
Amazing sky with the plane! Very beautiful shot!
Photo Cache said…
I almost didn't see the plane. Lovely skies always.

Enjoy the weekend.
joo said…
Awesome photo Mike!
Good weekend to you:)
Ania said…
Great. That huge cloud catches the eye first and then comes the plane surprise.
Sylvia K said…
Fantastic captures, Mike! The clouds are just gorgeous -- and huge!! Hope you have a great weekend!

Schotzy said…
When one considers the vastness of the sky compared to the miniscule 747 it fair takes the breath right away! It seems that this past year the sky hasbeen more than glorious! I just love to drink it the beauty of it!
Vicky said…
Beautiful photos!!!
Regina said…
How lovely!
The last is truly awesome.

Enjoy the weekend.
Lindy MacDuff said…
Gorgeous sky and a beautiful day for taking a walk - or flying in a plane. =)

Hope you have a nice weekend.