Let's Pray For Our Nation

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I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land
2 Chronicles 7:14

In 1988 a noted chess master named Paul Morphy attended a dinner party in Richmond Virginia, During the dinner his attention was drawn to a painting on the wall. The scene portrayed a young man locked in an intense chess match with the devil. The devil's next move would surely claim victory - entitling him to the young man's soul. The devil wore a triumphant expression. After dinner the chess champion walked over to the painting, studying the board and the pieces portrayed on it. Suddenly he turned to his host and said, "I can take the young man's game and win!" "That's not possible!" his host replied. "Not even you can retrieve that game." The chess master answered, "Yes, I think I can. Suppose we place the men and give it a try." To the surprise of everyone Morphy bested the smug opponent in the painting. Victory was snatched from the devil and the young man was saved.

Sometimes we feel like that young man. We see satan poised to claim victory. We feel something near despair as we watch our nation make wrong turn after wrong turn. Yet in the darkest moment God whispers, "I have good news for you. He hasn't won yet. If my people who are called by my name are sorry for what they have done, if they pray and obey me a stop their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven, I will forgive their sin and I will heal their land." God gets the final move. And we can urge Him to take it - when we pray!

Used with permission from UCB Word for Today. Free issues are available here for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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Mike said…
Sometimes we hear that we are in the last days and that things are just getting worse and worse and there's nothing we can do about it. But the truth about decline in our society is that it fluctuates. In Britain we have been in similar situations before. In the 1700's our society was in awful moral decline... so the church prayed... and God sent revival through the Wesleys. The same can happen again.
Regina said…
Great message for today. Our Election day( May 2010)is so close.
Thank you for sharing.
God bless.
GrandmaK said…
Indeed, this is a poignant reminded of the steadfastness of Gods love and his willingness to take our place in out battles with Satan. Prayer DOES work and to the more of us who pray the more we can be sure that "[He] will hear them from heaven." Have grand day!!! Cathy
Pietro said…
The prayer, which may be just a thought or a feeling, is essential in our life.
Beautiful words for today !! Nice
Schotzy said…
Powerful post.... and your above comment is so encouraging... but it is such a huge"IF" my people will pray. What we know to do we so often fail to do... as a society.... the church has become so complacent.