On Temptation

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And a voice came from heaven: You are My beloved Son; I take delight in You! Immediately the Spirit drove Him into the wilderness.
Mark 1:11-13
We are the most vulnerable not when we are facing a big temptation, we are the most vulnerable after our greatest success. Bill Johnson

How true! I am reminded also of Elijah who after the most amazing spiritual high on Mount Carmel, seeing fire fall from heaven, was soon hiding in a cave and wishing he was dead! I've seen this roller coaster often in my own life, sometimes because I've been thinking my success was all down to me and then discovering that I am still weak and frail. Other times I see that God actually knows the trials and temptations are coming, so He takes time to affirm and strengthen me to face what lies ahead.

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Barbara said…
It has been different for me. The trials come first and then afterwards with new revelations and situations and experiences I see the purpose of what went before.
SandyCarlson said…
But the angel comes...with relief. Beautiful post.
ksdoolittle said…
Hey, Mike, thanks for stopping by my blog! It was nice seeing you there. ~ks
Mo said…
Sometimes Pollyanna can be a more useful book.
Mike said…
I'm sure I have a lot to learn from her!!
Regina said…
The wilderness is place to prepare us for the greater work ahead of us. He knows all about our coming and going.
Christ has overcome the world!

Beautiful post!

God bless.
Pietro said…
Temptation is always a great danger for us: only with the strength of Jesus we can defeat it.