Where Is God?

Rise up, LORD God! Lift up Your hand.
Do not forget the afflicted.
Psalm 10:12

This video has been appearing on many blogs and FB profiles and seeks to answer the question 'Where is God?'. Tough question. Recently I re-read the book, 'Why do bad things happen to good people?', but the question we often do not ask is, 'Why do good things happen to bad people?'. Something in us needs to know that people get what they deserve, but that is not how the gospel works. God gives us in Jesus what we did not earn or certainly deserve! Let's pray for the people of Haiti, that God will have compassion on them and that many will turn to the amazing mercy and love that He is longing to pour out on them. Donate to Haiti now.

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Regina said…
We lift them up to you O Lord.

Great post Mike.
Going to the related link.

Have a great week ahead.
My God !! What a Video !! Have a nice time.
GrandmaK said…
This is an absolutely wonderful post. Wishing you well! And for you all who care I say, "Thanks be to God!" Cathy
Pietro said…
A wonderful post indeed. I think the question "Where is God in the Haitian earthquake?" is logical from the human point of view, but can't have an answer because starts off on the wrong foot.
Abbey said…
Amen, Mike.

Steve said…
A lovely heart-warming message. Thank you. It was very helpful to listen to.
Kansas Bob said…
Good thoughts Mike. Getting what we deserve is a very OT idea.. it is what troubled Job and his buddies. Not getting what we deserve is a very NT idea and describes grace a bit.
Mary said…
mary said…
what an excellent reminder of what God's love ismry truly like