Throne Of Praise

Throne of Praise - Don Moen

As long as I have breath
I'll find a way to say that I love You
Ev'rything may change and the world may pass away
I'll still love You

What a wonderful song of worship! Things are changing in my life, waves come in and go out and the storms blow. My head hurts trying to work out what He is saying to me, what even my own heart is saying to me. But here is where I find peace. Saying to Jesus, "I love You. I don't understand and I'm tired. Take me Lord, to that place where I can see You, touch You, embrace You and that will be enough for me!"


GrandmaK said…
May you be filled with His wonderful grace! Cathy
Pietro said…
Very true words, Mike.
Only Jesus gives us the strength; without Him, we are so weak.
FA said…
Thanks for exposing me to some different kind of Christian music (we sing mostly chant, traditional and classical here at the monastery). This is really a beautiful piece. I was touched at how the singers seem to be singing with great emotion. Sometimes a great song can say what we long to.