Autumn Trails

Autumn has begun, with some lovely colours already. We still have several weeks of turning to go here in London. Yesterday I found two leaves performing a ballet for me right on cue. When I walked back half an hour later, they were gone. I love this season :)

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Regina said…
Absolutely gorgeous!
I haven't seen autumn in actual.
That's one of my favorite classic too.
SandyCarlson said…
I love that, Mike. So lovely.
Pietro said…
What a marvellous image!
Here we haven't yet the autumn colours: they will begin towards the end of October.
Mo said…
Fabulous. How did you do the video?
Mike said…
Thank you Mo. I did nothing but take the video! They were hanging on a thread!
Regina said…
I didn't know you made the video. Until now when I came back to hear Claire De Lune again and click the video to watch it on you tube.

Bravo Mike! You are blessed.
Excellent one. Love it.
Can I post it in om my side?
Than you for sharing.
Barbara said…
That was quite something. Have seen similar with leaves hanging on a spiders web but what a gret fun idea. I love the bright yellow leaves against the blue sky.