August 2009 Retro

What an amazing August it has been! A wonderful trip to Glyndebourne. My first real Wagner.

We decided to do the restaurant. Interval 1;main course, interval 2; pudding and coffee :)

Summer = Proms of course.

Always time for friends, eating, singing, laughing and more laughing.

I still think I live in a beautiful part of London, as long as I keep my eyes open.

Relaxed time with family is the most important for me at the moment. All time is precious. S gets so excited at the prospect of lemon drizzle cake, the ladies serving burst into laughter :)

We proved it IS possible to have a hot sunny beach holiday in the UK!

I swam in the sea. Proof.

A short trip to Belfast. SO beautiful...

...and fascinating.

One NI carrot feeds five, I jest not!

The month ends with a church walk along the Thames seeing parts of London that normally remain hidden. Happy Birthday D!


Mo said…
Looks like a great holiday
GrandmaK said…
Cannot tell you how much fun I had looking at your pictures...You did indeed have a grand time!!! Thank you!!! Cathy
Anonymous said…
so elegantly and lovingly arranged. a good month, mike. now, on to september... :)
Regina said…
How wonderful!
Pietro said…
You had a great August! I've enjoyed all these beautiful pictures, the nice people, the places! :-)
deenar said…
A beautiful way of summing up local summer hols .
Gudl said…
Looks like a great month to me! It is good to laugh!! Especially with friends.