July 2009 Retro

July brings a goodbye to Stewart, one of our loved priests. He is greatly missed already.

Lots of lovely walks again... the local Heath is producing all kind of fruit and flowers.

Gifts from friends.. a cross arrives in the post, much to my surprise, all the way from Colorado. A special little crucifix carved in Rwanda, a land where suffering is well known. Thank you so much.

Lunch in a friends garden. I sat here whilst she busied in the kitchen and we prepared ourselves for the last performance of Shrek the Musical!

A fun day with one of my favourite people. An 8 year old who is not afraid to hold my hand and ask important questions. A breath of fresh air.

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Barbara said…
Enjoyable post Mike. Like reading about what you are doing. Beautiful photos as usual.
Steve said…
Who sent you the wooden crucifix? It looks like a miniature totum-pole (I think that's how you spell it!) Not surprising I suppose if it comes from Colorado!
What about you leaping in the air! Amazing!
Pietro said…
Very interesting July retro, with nice pictures.
Regina said…
Beautiful photos and post!
Anonymous said…
Nice retrospective, Mike. You have a rich and full life! God is good.
Kim S in SC said…
Brilliant colors in the flower photos! All your photos are always beautiful! Have a great August!
EcoRover said…
Nice glimpse into a good life, thanx!
Sidharth said…
Love them, my awesome friend! I'm coming to UK to learn photography!

I am never ready for a priest I have come to respect and enjoy to leave. One priest once told me that the faith journey is not about relationships with priests, who are just there as temporary guides, but about the relationship with God. That helps to say good-bye, but, golly, I do think there are good relationships with priests that go beyond their just being temporary shepherds. Good luck to Fr. Stewart. Good luck to you.
That 8 year old is wise beyond years because that's the secret to love and growth- don't be afraid to reach out and hold someone's hand, and always ask your questions with hope of a response!
mkreider said…
Lovely warm sentiments.