What Is Man?


Wanda said…
When I view something like that, Mike..... I feel so small! And then I remember that the Creator of that expanse....loves me!!!



BTW I've decided to leave you my Watermelon Canisters when I die!!! You have liked them for a long time!!!
Wanda said…
PS I don't plan on that event for a long long long time...just wanted ;you to know....((smile))
Steve said…
Thanks for this. I watched it last night. It was quite amazing.
Pietro said…
As Wanda says, we are so small and at the same time so loved by the Creator. It's good to remember that the age of the universe is about 13 milliards years, and time and space began existing from the Big Bang.
Humans are nothing in front of the universe. I've believed this from a very small age.

Moon and Sun in One Photograph
deenar said…
Wow! Video is frightfully good-Like the big bang.Reminds me of the hymn- all things bright and beautiful.He loves us because we are His offspring.