Praise The Lord!

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Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits
Psalm 103:2

Psalm 103 is jam packed with amazing truths about how blessed we are. From beginning to end it assures us that God is loving and that he wants to give us good things. Just look at these from verses 3-5:

  1. He forgives all your sin
  2. He heals all your diseases
  3. He redeems your life from the Pit
  4. He crowns you with faithful love
  5. He crowns you with compassion
  6. He satisfies you with goodness
  7. He renews your youth like the eagle

Recently, a friend of mine told me that she sat in her prayer time and made positive confession of all these truths. He forgives me, heals me, redeems me, crowns me, satisfies me, renews me. I wonder how our lives would change if we got these things right into our hearts and believed them?

Bob Gass writes:
"Faith establishes what we believe about God. Too many of us act like we've more confidence in ourselves than we do in Him. If faith is the action by which we lay hold of the power and promises of God, then if our faith is lacking we won't see the supernatural work of God in our lives - and we'll live in the natural with all its limitations."
God wants to give us more, and in the process is believing and receiving what He has already given and is giving, so that more and more can flow. More Lord!

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Pietro said…
I'd like to underline that God heals our both spiritual and physical diseases.
photowannabe said…
Sometimes its hard to turn things around to positive praise but when I do my heart just dances.
Steve said…
Another inspiring word.....
deenar said…
Awesome.We are truly blessed.He is our source of true happiness,contentment,peace security and hope for the future.He opens our spiritual eyes that we may have a spiritual walk with Him.