Mi Corazon

Mi Corazon - Don Moen

My heart is filled with songs of praise
You gave me hope, You made a way
Now I long to live in Your presence
For all my days

My soul sings, my spirit shouts
With every breath I'm crying out
I want to live for You alone
You have captured my heart, mi corazon
Lord, I give You my whole heart, mi corazon

Amazing grace has rescued me
You paid the price, You set me free
I will sing Your praises forever
My Savior and King

I will give You glory, tell the wondrous story
How You rescued me
I'm the guilty one, but You sacrificed Your Son
Your One and only
Now I stand before You blameless and holy 


deena said…
Meaningful lyrics.No music to go with it?
Barbara said…
I have always liked Don Moen. I am assuming this is from his latest album where I understand he was wanting to do something new.

Beautiful lyrics but for me personally I do prefer Don when he is at the piano.

I do have some bluebells in my gardentoo but they are the dreaded Spanish variety.
Mike said…
This is from Thank you Lord, a great album!