Learn To Live Like Jesus

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Learn from me...and you will find rest for your souls
Matthew 11:29

You'll notice that unlike us, Jesus didn't suffer from the fear of failure. That's because He never entertained the thought that He couldn't do something His Father had already assured Him He could. And He didn't suffer from a fear of lack either. Even though He lived a simple life He was responsible for supporting Himself and a team of others. How did He do it? He prayed a lot, and stayed in sync with His heavenly Father. Consequently He knew how to catch fish when they weren't biting, or find tax money in a fish's mouth when He needed it (yes, Jesus paid His taxes!). Now God may not provide for you in similar fashion, but He's promised to take care of you (1 Peter 5:7). Today Jesus is saying to you, '"Come to me...learn from me...and you will find rest for your souls [emotions and mind]..."' (v.28-29)

Stress is brought on by our need to know everything ahead of time; to be in control. Even after we pray and supposedly turn the situation over to God, we develop a 'backup plan' in case He doesn't handle things the way we think He should. Do you do that? You don't put your money into a bank then stay awake all night worrying about it, do you? Have at least that much confidence in God. Each time you begin the downward spiral of 'How? What? When? Where?' stop and give it back to God. Not the little God of your understanding, but the big God whose track record speaks for itself, whose faithfulness never fails, and who has earned the right to ask you, '"Is any thing too hard for [me]?..."' (Genesis 18:14). In other words; learn how to live like Jesus.

Used with permission from UCB Word for Today. Free issues are available here for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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GrandmaK said…
"Stress is brought on by our need to know everything ahead of time; to be in control." Yes, and giving it over to God is not as easy as it might seem. Fr. Tim once illustrated it as being a ball on the end of a rubber band. We "toss" the problem to God and then jerk immediately on the band so that it will return to us. We just cannot give up "control." I do wish it was as easy as it sounds. Just GIVE it up! Thanks for this reflection, Mike! Cathy
Jo said…
Hi Mike, I've linked to you through your comment on my blog. You have an awesome blog and I love your Skywatch photos above. Thanks for this post as well. It's amazing; you're right, we have to "have faith in God" Mark 11:22 Blessings Jo