The Lion Has Triumphed

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Some weeks ago I was fortunate to attend a conference at St Andrew’s Church Chorleywood, led by Marc DuPont and the vicar Mark Stibbe, called The Lion Has Triumphed. This church has a strong prophetic tradition, and later on I’ll share some insights given especially for the coming year. Meanwhile, here are a few points I scribbled down in my notebook. I hope you find one or two that you can ponder on.

1. Put out into the deep water. Luke 5/John21.

2. Christianity Today: Are we consumers or are we consumed?

3. After we after the King or the bling?

4. The ministry of healing – it’s not what you do but Who you know.

5. The one with passion and desire is the one who sees. (For this point, the example of Lucy from the Narnia novels by CS Lewis was used. Lucy was the one who could see Aslan when the others could not. She had a love a passion for Aslan that opened her eyes.)

6. Passion leads to an energising of the prophetic gift and to dreaming.

7. The prophetic releases HOPE.

8. Are we consumed with passion or have we become inward looking?

9. Intimacy with God is the key to victory.

10. God is full of faith ie. He has no doubt that He can accomplish what He speaks. This is the kind of active faith we should seek and exercise.

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Pietro said…
All ten points are great.
I find the 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th very true. Thanks for sharing.
Tony said…
all are interesting and something to ponder on tomorrow on the 190 to Hammersmith
Barbara said…
Sounds like a good conference Mike. Good points.
I have a number of good tapes of Marks from the times I have heard him speak.
Found your comment on playing at the Bishops Palace interesting. It is a lovely place.
Veritas said…
Very thought-provoking questions and statements, Mike. I really look forward to more on this. Thanks, and have a nice weekend.