Revelation Song

Sing a new song today!


GrandmaK said…
To this I say AMEN! Cathy
Angie said…
That song is so anointed. I never tire of it. We sang it today at church.
Angie said…
BTW, I meant to say that Kari Jobe is the female singer and I now go to her home church. What a blessing.
Gudl said…
I love this song, too!
I look at the video and wish 'the world' would understand it.
I have friends who would look at something like this and shake their heads and say 'crazy' or something like that. But they don't know. Their eyes are veiled.... it makes me sad.
But the song is great and I can totally relate. Worthy is the Lord! Have a good day, Mike.
Barbara said…
Have Linden Cooley CD's but not seen him inaction before. Beautiful.

Union canal photo is beautiful. A great touch withthe swans against the sunset.

Do like your post on de-cluttering.
The reason Ihave spent less time at the computer since new Year, just making a start. Your spiritual analogy is good too.