Try God's Way!

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Trust in the Lord...lean not on your own understanding
Proverbs 3:5

Ever watch someone learning to get around on crutches? What a struggle! Sometimes you find them trying to balance on one leg, or resting a hundred feet down the street, their hands raw and sore. Leaning on crutches can be exhausting; so can leaning on your own understanding. If you want things to go badly for you exclude God. Try working things out using only your own best judgement. When you hit a brick wall, try something else. When that gets you nowhere, resort to logic, then panic. The truth is some of us act as though we're addicted to anxiety. We've been living this way so long, we're not capable of seeing it or acknowledging it. When one worry is gone we put another one in its place. We have a line of them at our door, because the sign reads 'All welcome!' It's like we enjoy entertaining them, but Jesus said they're a waste of life and energy. They keep you so focused on what you need, or what you're afraid of losing, that you don't have time to enjoy what you have (Matthew 6:25). That's no way to live! Instead of worrying, begin living by this Scripture:

a) 'Do not worry about anything...'

b) '...pray and ask God for everything you need...'

c) '...always giving thanks...'

d) '...God's peace...will keep your hearts and minds...' (Philippians 4:6-7 NCV).

Go ahead; try God's way!

Used with permission from UCB Word for Today. Free issues are available here for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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GrandmaK said…
Wow!! Thank you!! You really touched my heart with this! Have a grand day! Cathy

PS spent 6 wks on crutches...a REAL challenge! HEHEHEHE
Pietro said…
Four great points indeed.
Happy Christmas!
Barbara said…
Amen. God allows us to try and is ready there and waiting when we come to the end of ourselves and realise that only He can do it.

Come see my Christmas post - The Glory of the Unlikely. Think you will like it Mike.#

Hope you have a Blessed time over Christmas.

Wonder if you were ice skating.
Wanda said…
What a wonderful meditation. And so much truth... Phil 4:6-7 the answer if we would just follow it!!!

Thanks Mike... and Merry Christmas
deena said…
So true Mike.How often we tend to lean on our strength. 4 good points mentioned.Heard Derek Prince this morning-quoting Isaiah 53:6 and 56:8. Good post.
Gudl said…
Hi Mike!
Thank you and Merry Christmas to you, too!!
Have a great holiday.
Photo Cache said…
Mike, here's wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas filled with peace and love.
Steve said…
Thanks again for the helpful word.
Steve said…
Thanks again for the helpful word.
Steve said…
Thanks again for the helpful word.