Richmond Riverside At Vimeo

Today I was sent a link to this video by my uncle. He thought I might be interested because this is my locality, and the riverside at Richmond is somewhere I often walk. So I thought I'd share this stunning video with you. It also shows the amazing quality on display at Vimeo. Go have a browse. If you find the site a bit slow, then persevere, it's well worth the effort!

Happy weekend! We are told that tomorrow it's going to be 21 degrees here. For the beginning of October that's brilliant!!


Angie said…
Gorgeous place. I want to walk on those streets.
Lovely place to walk :) It looks like many enjoy it along with you!

I love to walk along a lake a few miles from my house. There's something very peaceful and resting about it. I love to talk to God as I walk :) Maybe that's the way God intended it, right?

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!
Gudl said…
So this is where you walk? That is very nice.
Sidharth said…
wow, you still have an uncle?? How old is he?