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The ants are a people not strong but they prepare their meat in summer
Proverbs 30:25

The message of the ant is 'prepare yourself!' He prepares for winter while he is still in summer. That's because:

(1) His eyes are on the future. You can't undo the past but if you let it, it
can undo you. The summer of your opportunities is passing quickly. Winter will
come whether you're ready or not. Remember Christ's parable about the five
foolish virgins who had no oil in their lamps and were excluded from the
wedding? If you're not ready when your time comes, you'll miss out.
(2) He has the ability to delay gratification. If you don't have the patience to wait, you'll miss or mess up what God has in mind for you. The ant takes the resources he has in summer and moves it towards his winter. Will somebody else
show up and do this for him? No. Are there predators looking for a chance to
steal what he's got? Yes. But he's so focused on where he's going, he doesn't
have time to worry about where he is.
(3) He has a cause bigger than himself. Ever watch an ant work? He sinks his
teeth into a piece of bread three times bigger than himself and drags it to
where he's trying to go. Are you saying, 'This is too big for me, I can't carry
it by myself?' You don't have to. Read this: 'Glory be to God who by his mighty
power at work within us is able to do far more than we could ever dare to ask or
even dream of' (Ephesians 3:20 TLB).

Used with permission from UCB Word for Today. Free issues are available here for the UK and Republic of Ireland.


Wanda said…
Oh Mike, what a great meditation and post.

Oh to be like the ant!!!
Sidharth said…
A creature I hate :D (lot of background to it) but I can learn from them a lot.

There's another verse that makes me observe them....I think its Proverbs 6:6
Pietro said…
Great post, Mike.
You certainly know that now in Rome there is the reading of the whole Bible (it goes on seven days).
Anonymous said…
Thanks Mike
PERBS said…
Definitely something to follow in action. ONLY with HIS help!
dot said…
I read that not long ago about the ant.
GrandmaK said…
eally wonderful...What I like about ant as an analogy is that as a community they can work together for the better good. If only that were more true of "humanity." Thank you! Cathy
Naturegirl said…
A great lesson for us all.Working together as people looking after our precious resources is so important for us all living on Earth.
Kim S in SC said…
Great words! Great reminder to that we don't (and often can't) do much on our own, but with HIM we can! Praise HIM!
Thanks for this post!
A Sower said…
Excellent post. I love your last sentence of #2.