The Way Up When Life Gets You Down (2)

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Elijah was...just like us
James 5:17

What was God's prescription for getting Elijah back on his feet? A lecture on the prophet's faltering faith? No, just rest and nourishment! God recognises our limitations, even when we don't. 'A bruised reed he will not break, and a smouldering wick he will not snuff out' (Isaiah 42:3 NIV). When we neglect our own legitimate needs, it shows up in our attitude. God understands that being down is a 'perspective' problem, and getting back up requires adjustment in four crucial areas. So:

(1) He adjusted Elijah's God-perspective. 'Get in the presence of God and he'll
meet with you' (See 1 Kings 19:11 NIV). The One who gave Elijah victory on Mount
Carmel, could also sustain him in the desert of Jezreel. But first Elijah had to
spend time with Him; otherwise he was running on an empty tank. Hello!
(2) He adjusted Elijah's world-perspective. Elijah said, 'God's covenant is
broken, His altar destroyed, His prophets murdered, and I'm the only one left'
(See v.14). But God showed Elijah that He still had the necessary resources and
strategies to accomplish His purposes, even in a hostile environment .
(3) He adjusted Elijah's self-perspective. The prophet saw himself as helpless
and inadequate: 'Lord, let me die, for I am no better than those who preceded
me' (See v.4). But God showed him there were still kings to anoint, battles to
win, and that Elijah had an important role to play (See v.16).

(4) He provided a helper. He sent Elisha to minister to him (See v.21). You're
not supposed to carry it all alone! Allow yourself to need help, and watch whom
God puts in your life to support you.

Copied from UCB Word for Today. Free issues are available here for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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And finding out that you're helpless and inadequate- without Him- is a great place to begin building faith, isn't it?! We can please him when we echo back the truth to Him, "Lord, I can't do it without You".
Veritas said…
Wonderful! An encouragement to keep going, knowing God understands our weaknesses as well as our strengths.
GrandmaK said…
"You're not supposed to carry it all alone! Allow yourself to need help, and watch whom God puts in your life to support you." This is so true. If we would but swallow our pride (false) and just say "I need help!" Thanks, Mike, and Thanks be to God!! Cathy
Sidharth said…
Thank you, Mike. This ministered to me. Sid
Suz said…
you know, that really is a good word. thanks for sharing it.

how was your weekend?
Gudl said…
As usual .... a very good reminder. Uplifting and true.Thank you Mike.
SuzyQ said…
It's so easy to fail to realise our own limitations, Ususlly because I'm trying to create my own expectations instead of simply excepting God's plan for my day or my life.
Great, post! Lot's to mull over :0)
ChrisJ said…
Great post and much needed.
PERBS said…
YUP! Good points. I like the last one best for me. ALLOW is the operative word. Allow God!

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