Stick To The Plan (3)

Drifting and Dreaming - The WaveImage by Stefan Mendelsohn via Flickr

Then Peter got...out of the boat, walked on the water...toward Jesus
Matthew 14:29

Peter proved that as long as you keep your eyes on Jesus and stick to the plan, you won't go under. Notice:

(1) Before you get into something, make sure it's God's will for you! Peter said, 'Lord, if it's you, bid me to come to you on the water' and Jesus said, 'Come.' Before you take on something like water-walking, pray and be sure God's in it. In other words, get God's plan and stick to it.

(2) Don't expect everybody in the boat to go with you. Water-walking is a lonely
calling; it sets you apart from those who are timid and security-minded. It also
tends to bring criticism from those who think you're making them look bad by

(3) If you wait for good weather you'll miss your moment. When Jesus said,
'Come,' they were in the middle of a storm. Face it; we'd all like the stars to
line up, or some big donor to underwrite the whole project before we make a
move. But how often does that happen? Peter wasn't walking on the water; he was
walking on the Word! What has God told you to do? Stop waiting for ideal
conditions and start doing it!

(4) Don't expect a mistake-free performance. Nobody walks without fluctuation. The Bible describes its heroes in one sentence: 'Whose weakness was turned to strength' (Hebrews 11:34 NIV). All the great men and women of God you admire, go through sinking spells when they cry out, 'Lord, save me.' And do you know what? He does! And He'll do the same for you.

Used with permission from UCB Word for Today. Free issues are available here for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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Barbara said…
Brilliant Mike, as is the Perth picture.
See they have your Lime Walk in the latest National Trust magazine.
dot said…
Good thoughts! I like the picture but it's sure strange looking.
Sidharth said…
Thanks. Needed it.
Pietro said…
Fine post.
Yes, first of all to trust in Jesus: with Him we do not sink.
PERBS said…
#3 hit home with me today. . . it is our church's 50th anniversary year and I am a relatively new member compared to so many others -- it is 15 years for me. BUT no one wanted to make a memory book or do anything to celebrate 50 years of serving the Lord at Grace. I couldn't believe it that those with more knowledge of its history would do nothing so I, a relatively newcomer am trying to put together something by the end of the 50th year which is in May. I also made laminated bookmarks on the special day and insisted on a cake for serving between services with our oldest couple that were one of the first members slicing it.

Seems like a little thing but I will feel I have done my part when the year is over. . . and hopefully everyone will have a book for memories of the Lord's work being done by our congregation.
SuzyQ said…
Great post!
By the way I have an award over at my place for you :0)