Seven Blogging Sins?

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I don't know if I am committing any of the Seven Sins of Blogging with this post, but I intend to advertise (recommend) some good utilitarian sites I have come across recently. I personally love playing around with photos and video and since the dawn of digital photography and the web, it has become easier and easier to click away without a thought to the cost, as there isn't any! The word 'free' in my book is always attractive but I guess if you are a Blogger blogger, you pay a yearly fee to Google to host your pics, or to Flickr, amongst others. There are actually free places out there too.
  • Have a look at Photie. The site boasts 'unlimited' storage and the facility for embedding in your blog is very flexible.

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  • If you play with video, then you'll LOVE Vimeo. It might be described as 'Flickr for video'. There are some really classy videos here and there is even a channel in HD. The quality is also generally much better than You Tube. It also has a great widget for all your videos.

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  • Now this one I could hardly believe! Oosah are offering 1TB of storage for free. Now I'm rubbish at maths, but I think that's 1000GB. I read yesterday that most people are nearing the 200GB mark in regard to storage requirement and I guess that will grow. I think my first PC had 200MB. Really, I'm not that old either.

OK, so now I'm sounding a little geeky and maybe this blog is losing the plot, but I hope you find some use out of those. Have a great weekend everyone, and thankyou to all those who contacted me when I was offline having a much needed rest recently. I still can't get my head around this virtual blogging community but it's certainly out there!

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Andrea said…
You don't sound geeky.....well, maybe a little. LOL I will check these sites out. Thanks.
Lori said…
OK..I had to go read the sins of blogging to see if I was guilty. I think I'm doing pretty well so far!

And hey...geeky to some means intelligent, informed and interesting to others!
dot said…
I don't pay blogger. Do people really do that? I'll have to keep those sites in mind incase blogger starts charging me.
Pietro said…
I'll visit these sites. I just need some space online to store html files. Thanks.
Luke Wiley said…
Interesting self portrait. nice post!
zakscloset said…
thanks for the useful information! wow. i can't catch up with the technology any more! it's incredible. and yes, free is good!!
GrandmaK said…
After having a simple "implosion" at my blog this last week because I thought I could "play" with it, I've decided to let well enough alone and just be amazed by the wonder and awe of other...No, you don't sound geeky, just braver than I am. Cathy
Mike said…
Thank you. So relieved I'm not a geek.