Your Will Be Done

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‘He can do with me whatever pleases Him’...David was climbing the slope of the Mount of Olives, weeping as he ascended...[Jesus] went out and made his way as usual to the Mount of Olives…he prayed more fervently, and his sweat became like drops of blood…not my will but yours be done.
2 Samuel 14:26,30 and Luke 22:39,44 and 42

I was struck as I read the account of David in 1 Samuel how remarkably similar was the experience of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane on the very same Mount. David had been called and anointed by God and he knew that God was with him, and yet everything was conspiring against him. His own son was waring against him and sought his demise. Those closest to him had betrayed him. David wept. But on this Mount of Olives he prayed the prayer of relinquishment; ‘He can do with me whatever pleases Him’.

Many years later Jesus was in a similar position. God had called him and had blessed him in his ministry. But now those closest to him were about to betray and desert him. He was filled with grief and anguish. But Jesus prayed; not my will but yours be done.

I wonder if you have ever been called by God to do something and then experienced opposition from those who should have been supporting you? I know I have. It is a difficult thing that brings pain and doubt. But these men can encourage us, for they persevered. They did not listen to the voices without them but the calling within them, and as they prayed that prayer, Your will be done, they found the strength to go on and God richly blessed and used them. For when God calls us it is His job to use us and vindicate us.


Anonymous said…
Reminds me also of Paul in Acts 21. The church keeps prophesying against going to Jerusalem (at least that's how I read it) and yet he knows he is called to go there. They tell him that he should not go there. Funny to me how they sense it will be hard and, through the HS, tell him he should avoid it. And yet, he directly hears from God that he is to go there. Very interesting reading.
Andrea said…
Sometimes those words "Your Will Be Done" are hard words to pray when you want things to go your way. But reality sets in and we know everything in life happens for a reason and God is in control so it will be in His will the outcome of everything.

When we talk about hopefully doing something we have the saying, "Lord willing and the creeks don't rise."

This is a wonderful post as always.
GrandmaK said…
I can't think of a time in which I had felt betrayed, more of
disappointment when, in my zeal, I had hoped for equal enthusiasm. But it is true that trusting all will be well, if only we do the will of the Father, is most difficult and painful at times! Cathy

By the way...I like your "signature" photo!
Gudl said…
Yes, it is not always easy to do what God wants us to do. But if we are obedient, God will surely bless us and our work for Him.
SuzyQ said…
What interesting paralels in these two stories. Thankyou for giving me something to ponder on :)
I needed this post today.
And I love the photo!
Thank you Mike for your very nice comment. Your post had me thinking a lot. It was a very nice read.... very nice indeed.
Paulie said…
I think each of us are in this position daily and our prayer needs to be "Thy will be done." Only then can we feel success because we allowed God to work through us.
Wanda said…
Knowing that "calling" kept us in the ministry 47 years ~~ at times it was not easy ~~~but the call is stronger that the difficulty.

Thanks for giving us the comparison of David and our Lord. Good comparison.
retha said…
So right you are. I must Only do what I should be doing and GOD will do what HE is about.
Isn't is interesting the more we come in such situations we either die to ourselves or we become used to that type of response.
Thank you, I have never seen the comparison before.
I am mindful in Mark 14:61a about Jesus it says "But he held his peace and answered nothing." Of course, when they ask Him again He did answer but it says to me that maybe we should hold our peace and not be so quick to give an answer to what God has told us or why. Just my thoughts.
Rose said…
"Thy will be done." Simple words reminding us that we are filled with His grace as servants unto the Lord. I'm also often reminded of Mary's "Yes", a very young girl facing a situation that could result in her death, yet her faith carried her "Let it be done unto me according to Thy Word."

God blesses you, Mike.
zakscloset said…
i don't think i ever heard the god telling me to do something... but i have experienced many oppositions from my family for many things i did which turned out to be the right things! i wonder if i was unconsciously listening to what the god was trying to tell me...!?!?