Stay focused (3)

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Acknowledge Him, and he shall direct thy paths
Proverbs 3:6

When it comes to staying focused, keep in mind:

1) Focused people always look for a better way. What got you where you are won't necessarily get you where you need to be. A family who moved into a new neighbourhood had a late start one morning. As a result their six year old missed her school bus. Though it would make him late for work her father agreed to take her to school if she gave him directions. After 20 minutes of going in circles they finally arrived at the school, which turned out to be only a few blocks away from where they lived. Steaming, her dad asked why she drove him all over the place when the school was so close to home. 'We went the way the school bus does,' she said. 'That's the only way I know.'

2) Focused people concentrate a little harder and a little longer. Hall of Fame baseball player Hank Aaron says, 'What separates a superstar from the average ballplayer is that he concentrates just a little bit longer.' Focused thinking is the ability to remove distractions and mental clutter so that you can concentrate with clarity.

3) Focused people make commitments, not excuses. A sign on the desk of an officer at the Pentagon read: 'The secrecy of my job does not permit me to know what I'm doing.' It's a cute joke, but not so cute when it's true. When you don't know what you're doing, you become frustrated and end up failing. That's why praying and getting direction from God is critical for your life. 'In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.'

Copied from UCB Word for Today. Free issues are available here for the UK and Republic of Ireland.


GrandmaK said…
Focused...a task that takes a good deal of practice. It also involves, I think, trial and error, for even being focused can have its margin of error. We just can't let that get us down...TRY again!!! Thanks, Mike! This was Great!! Cathy
Sidharth said…
=) I love this....wherever I go, there is an emphasis some way or the other to carry and continue to carry the vision He has given Imrah and focus on working together with Him to bring it to pass.

Thank you Mike. =)

Gudl said…
Amen to the last sentence!
Andrea said…
I love the little girls excuse for taking the long way to school. That is so cute. We all live such rushed lives. We need to slow down, enjoy what we have and focus on God more.
It is so easy to get distracted..even with good things to do...thanks for the reminder! Focus!!
Thanks for the tips athey are great reminders in an ever uncertain world.,
Godbless you Mike, your posts are always short and straight to the point. . . hope you are doing ok?