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But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings, and you will go out and playfully jump like calves from the stall.
Malachi 4:2

Last week in our monthly church prayer meeting some-one shared this passage from Isaiah and it seemed to me to be a very timely scripture for these days.

1 Comfort, comfort my people,
says your God.
2 Speak tenderly to
and proclaim to her
that her hard service has been completed,
that her sin has been paid for,
that she has received from the LORD's
double for all her sins.

3 A voice of one calling:
"In the
desert prepare
the way for the LORD;
make straight in the
a highway for our God.

4 Every valley shall be raised
every mountain and hill made low;
the rough ground shall become
the rugged places a plain.

5 And the glory of the LORD will
be revealed,
and all mankind together will see it.

Isaiah 40:1-5

God is restoring and doing something new. See my previous post. The fires are spreading. God is restoring the ministry of healing and making his people hungry for Him. Already there are churches holding nightly healing meetings. A church I visited on Sunday night have been meeting daily for 100 days and have seen 1000 people come to Christ in that time and many people healed! Other churches here, here and here are holding powerful meetings and spreading the fire of God’s Spirit.

In my church on Sunday a couple gave testimony in the morning service about their visit to a church in Birmingham where they had got involved with a church that set up a healing tent in the high street. Prayer was offered for passers by and shoppers, and we were told that around 100 people were prayed for. There was not one moment when some-one wasn’t being ministered to.

The vicar then asked for people to make themselves known if they were interested in such a venture! Our church sits right on a busy shopping area and people pass by constantly. We occasionally have outdoor services in front of the main church doors but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could offer prayer and see people healed and set free before they even set foot in the church! Maybe that’s the way it should be. Jesus sends us OUT! Come Holy Spirit and anoint us to go out with Your power and Presence.

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Andrea said…
There is a church in Bremen, Georgia that has a Healing Room every Monday. I have never attended it and have not heard anyone who has. I believe God can heal through prayer, but GOD does the healing not man. We have to have faith God can heal before He will though. We prayed for our daughter who had brain cancer and it was in God's will to heal her and we thank HIM daily for his healing power.
The Spirit of God is calling His Body to Prayer and people all over are responding.

Our prayer group here in Coweta will be holding our prayer meeting in our new shopping center space the Lord has opened up to us this Friday night. We have been meeting in various homes and The Lord has now blessed us with a permanent spot. Praise His Holy name. We feel more people, especially those just drawn by His Spirit, will come to a set location every Friday night. Please join us in prayer for this.
Gudl said…
Amen to that!
zakscloset said…
i may try the healing if i came across it...
I don't think I've ever had anyone ever say no when I've offered to pray for them. Even those who are un-churched or never committed their lives to Christ, even they know that it's a GOOD thing when someone prays over you. The heavens open, chains fall off, bodies are healed, faces are lifted up with tears streaming down because of relief and restoration- all because something happens when we pray.
Angie said…
Praise God!
Paulie said…
I once lived in a town where there was a church located in a shopping center. They made lots of contacts with people just walking the mall. After all, the church is not a building but the PEOPLE!
This is what am talking about!
God is good all the time It beats me to think that people are no longer interested in Gods Healing power,
some say take it that way accept your situation the way it is, I Refuse to accept that report as for me and my household we depend on the healing Power of God to be alive I can attest to that.

Thanks for this post and I Pray that the Almighty God will keep His healing hands on us today and forevermore in Jesus Mighty NAme Amen
Sidharth said…
This is just awesome, Mike! I'm overjoyed!
Britt-Arnhild said…
God is making people hungry for Him - this is such a blessing. God is not forcing Himself on us, He makes us hungry for him.

Mike, you are welcome over to my post from yesterday, where I blow a wish for end of poverty.
Wow ~ so encouraging!
Anonymous said…
These scriptures were particularly encouraging to me, Mike. peace.
GrandmaK said…
I truly believe in the power and miracle of healing by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have witnessed it in my family and friends. That's why, as a Catholic, I believe that the sacrament of anointing of sick is so important and powerful. The Holy Spirit does heal. Thanks be to God in his love and mercy!! Cathy