Consuming Fire

Consuming Fire - Tim Hughes

Last week I posted this song on my testimony to illustrate my experience of the Spirit. It is in fact a song I have only recently discovered but I have found myself singing it in the car, at work, doing the gardening, the shopping. Lord have Your way, Lord have Your way with us! Stir it up in our hearts Lord, a passion for Your Name, a passion for Jesus! Let that be our prayer today Lord!

Have a look at these great blogs I've found this week.

  1. In Gentle Wisdom Peter Kirk offers exactly that; plenty of food for thought.
  2. Also, I was fascinated to see what Norway looks like at 1am! How do they sleep? Go and visit Pernille's ting og tang and see some amazing sky shots; I mean really amazing!


Andrea said…
Very beautiful and inspirational song. All of our prayers should be that God have His way in our lives.
Wanda said…
Oh Mike, I love these words...I want what you want to be consumed by his Holy Fire!!!

Great song.....:)
Barbara said…
It's a great song, I love it too.

Had a look at the site you recommended. This guy is sharing some real wisdom.