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After that you will come to the Hill of God where there are Philistine garrisons. When you arrive at the city, you will meet a group of prophets coming down from the high place prophesying. They will be preceded by harps, tambourines, flutes, and lyres. The Spirit of the LORD will control you, you will prophesy with them, and you will be transformed into a different person.
1 Samuel 10:5-6

After Saturday's post and thoughts on control I was interested to come across this verse and particular translation in the HCSB. I am not a bible scholar and I couldn't find any other translations that use the word control, but it's food for thought.

At the weekend I listened to a fascinating debate on the Florida Outpouring on our local Christian station Premier Radio. It was entitled The Florida Outpouring - a new move of God or hype & sensationalism? The debate was between Gerald Coates, a prominent charismatic in the UK, a conservative evangelical with cessationist theology, and an agnostic. I found it completely fascinating and enlightenening and it actually cleared up a few issues for me. You can listen directly to the programme here.


Wanda said…
When I get some time...I will watch the husband loves debates ~~ I'll share this with him.
Andrea said…
Interesting. I will have to watch the debate.
zakscloset said…
wow it's a long debate! i only got thru a quarter of it. you are right, it's quite an interesting debate, hearing different views on this.
Barbara said…
I will certainly have to come back and read your recent posts as you have so much to click on. Did not realise that I had got so behind with you.
The Premier debate sounds interesting. I have been watching nightly on God tv and I have friends in the States who have been a number of times and feel this is not transient but here to stay. Some of our guys are planning to go over. Must listen to the debate. We had Gerald Coates stay with us back in the old house church days.
I'm going to listen to it. Thanks!