Remember This Day

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Remember this day
Exodus 13:3

I was reminded of this verse by a friend yesterday and it got me thinking about about my spiritual journal and how I have neglected it in recent years. I began it in 1985 when I first began to experience God’s Presence and hear His voice. It seemed to me then the obvious and important thing to write these things down. And I can tell you it makes amazing reading!

Often God speaks to us and we may or may not understand what He is saying, but when we write down those words, scriptures and experiences that He graciously gives us, they are a treasure to look back on, and we begin to understand what God is doing in our lives and where He is leading us. How many times have you been through an experience and then slowly realised that this was an answer to a prayer that you had forgotten you prayed? It’s happened to me many times. We have very short memories! Writing these things down is a tremendous encouragement, and if you don’t keep some record of what God is doing in your life, even if only for your eyes only, then I urge you to start today. Keep a little notebook, or start typing at your keyboard. I guarantee you won’t regret it!


imac said…
Great angle and neat words Mike.

My bridge and odd shot are now showing.
Wanda said…
I started journaling when I was very young. I don't have some of those early years, but I do have many many journals of my years of marriage, ministry and children.

When we moved, I started a new journal of this chapter of our lives.

Yes, I would encourage everyone, men, women and children to write down you feeling, your thoughts, and your prayers.
Good Word, Pastor Mike. Good word.
dot said…
I started one last year but I'm ashamed to say I didn't keep it up. I'll try and get back to it. Thanks Mike!
GrandmaK said…
I'm one who started to blog because I couldn't keep a journal. I've started so many and then just stopped. So now A Bit of the Blarney is my open book! It seems to work for me and it is liberating.

My daughter has diligently kept a journal for many years...I'm proud of her and her persevering.

God Bless, MIKE--Cathy
retha said…
I agree that we more often understand what the LORD is doing by looking back.
I am a journal person, When I see what I wrote, the noises in my head becomes more organized.
However, I know people for whom it is easier to keep reflecting-without paper- and is able to recall what the LORD has done/said to them in times past.
I am basically saying what ever it is I do, I should do that in such a manner as what it will bring me to be more like HIM.
Your guaranty it true. Remember!
Sidharth said…
Thanks. I keep a note to record all that the Lord tells me. When you look at the book later, you will see how clearly His guidance was upon you.

Gudl said…
Yes, you're right. When you read back and see how many prayers God answered positively, you feel even more grateful to Him.
Sharon said…
Sounds like a great plan :)
Andrea said…
I regret I have not kept a journal throughout my life. I do keep a journal of all my husbands sermons so our girls will have that to look back on when he has gone on to be with the Lord but I have never thought about leaving them my thoughts and spiritual experiences.
the idea, what a wonderful idea!

"How many times have you been through an experience and then slowly realised that this was an answer to a prayer"
this is so true!!!
zakscloset said…
that's a really great idea, and i strongly agree!! recently i saw my journal from 10 years ago, and it was quite interesting to see how i grew! it's really good for many many reasons!
Angie said…
Agreed. Good advice.
Paulie said…
Well, I like to write the words but am a perfectionist with my penmanship so hate writing in a journal per sey. I suppose I could write/type online or at leat on my computer but then there are so many distractions in the world. Blessings with yours anyway.
Paulie said…
I had missed a week of blogging and reading blogs and also left a comment on your one about amusement parks and prayer below also.

In fact, I liked it so much that I copied it to put in my Bible so I can see it often. It is the best analogy I have ever read/seen/heard. I will probably commit it to memory. Thanks! Blessings!
happyone said…
I have never done that before, but what a good idea. One that I will do. Thanks!!
SuzyQ said…
This post really spoke to me.
This is something that I have started to do myself since I started blogging and I can already see the ways in which God is working in me and my life.
Great post Mike, looks like I've got some catching up to do heehee!
Veritas said…
This is very good advice. Not only can we look back and reflect and marvel at how God has been working in our lives but we can also remind ourselves that life hasn't always been good/ bad but God the never changing has always been there, through thick and thin, and of course always will be.
markus said…
hey, im new to this whole computer thing!! Could someone tell me how to set up a blog myself? Ypu have some pretty interesting stuff here!!