Qualified by Willingness

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For who hath despised the day
of small things?
Zechariah 4:10

Although raised in church, he was spiritually ignorant. When he moved to Boston to make his fortune, he began attending a Bible-preaching church. In April of 1855, a Sunday school teacher came to the shop where he worked and led him to Christ. A month later when he applied to become a church member, one fact was obvious to everybody; he knew nothing about the Bible. One of his Sunday school teachers later wrote, 'I've never met an applicant for membership who seemed less likely to become a Christian of clear and decided views, much less fill any place of public usefulness.' So they asked him to undertake a year of study, which he did. During his interview with the membership committee a year later, his answers were only slightly improved. He was barely literate and used atrocious grammar. Few thought God would ever use a person like him.

But they were wrong! God saw in the heart of D. L. Moody the raw material necessary to make a spokesman for His Word and a changer of nations. Every oak tree starts as an acorn. Jesus began in a stable but He didn't stay there. David had a sling but he became King. Joseph was sold as a slave but he became Prime Minister. Why? Because '... God was with him... gave him favour and wisdom... made him Governor over Egypt...' (Acts 7:9-10 NKJ). Whatever you have today is enough to create anything you'll ever need in your future. Just put it into God's hands and be willing to start small.

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granmal said…
Great history - God doesn't care about our education- He just wants our heart and the Spirit will take care of the rest. What a great inspiration.
Anonymous said…
this is really a good word for me today...
Chris Jones said…
Very inspirational! however I think he original went to a Unitarian church when he was a kid.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwight_L._Moody
Yes, the key is that "God is with us". It's His work. Thanks for sharing about D.L. Moody. That was very encouraging to see what God can do!
God WANTS to use us. He will use us. We just have to be willing and obedient. HE is the one who does the works anyway.
Gudl said…
Very cool. And all true.
Encouraging. Thank you.
zakscloset said…
what a lovely story! that was a great lesson. thanks mike!
GrandmaK said…
Though small and/or mean in stature or intelligence many have been called to proclaim the Word of God. For he calls the humble not the proud, the lowly not the haughty. They seem to listen to Him. Oh, that when we are called we would have such courage and humility. He calls the chosen, not you and me...for that I say "Thanks be to God!! A wonderful lesson, Thank you!! Cathy

PS I do so love the Lady Bug, a grand symbol of beauty in the small and hard working.
Colleen said…
Wow. This is a wonderful word of encouragement.
Blognote said…
Thank you for your words, Mike!
Whatever you have today is enough to create anything you'll ever need in your future. Just put it into God's hands and be willing to start small.
So True! Amen

Godbless Mike