Forgiveness & Future

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But the father said to his servants, 'Quick! Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger..Then Pharaoh took his signet ring from his finger and put it on Joseph's finger. He dressed him in robes of fine linen....
Luke 15:22 Genesis 41:42

Forgiveness and future. These are two precious things that God gives us in His mercy. Both these men had been in a kind of exile but God had not forgotten them. The prodigal was trapped in a prison of his own making and Joseph had been put there unjustly. But the time came for forgiveness and promotion! When the day comes, God restores us, forgives us, and gives us the gifts and anointing that we have longed for. It doesn't matter where we have come from or what we have done because it's all by His amazing grace. He puts a ring on our finger and says, 'Welcome home! Now come and see everything that I want to give you!'

Have a look at this wonderful bronze of the prodigal by Charlie Mackesy.

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Tammie said…
I recently bought myself a i have been wanting for a while - and i felt it was something significant from the Lord - a symbol of sorts...but i had not really understood what: now i know! "Come and See all i have for you!"

Another comment about your Story - i really really like the part about God healing your ear...after showing your need to forgive...there is much that is in that to be unpacked! i like it very much!
SuzyQ said…
So uplifting. I love the way these two stories were brought together.
The similarities between them is something I hadn't noticed properly before.
The Lord is merciful:0)
God Bless
zakscloset said…
it's good to be reminded that i'm not forgotten!
GrandmaK said…
Genuine forgiveness! The taste of true salvation comes in the arms opened wide on the wide as to engulf us all and wrap us in a fatherly hug! What a wonderful reflection in the Father's love for us! Thank you! Cathy

P.S. The sculpture is so tender in the strength the father provides in that HUG!
Wanda said…
Excellent picture and naritive. What beautiful words ~~ Forgiveness and Future!

I wear a thumb ring that says God is Love.
michaelonbass said…
I think somewhere in here is the explanation for mankind and our individual lives. It just doesn't seem like we appreciate the Lord's grace until we understand we need it.

Peace, Mike!
Andrea said…
Wow, you always amaze me with your wonderful posts.
Suz said…
Mike, I like your blog's new crisp clean look. :)
good thing to keep in my mind - thank you! :)
inspired said…
wonderful truth \o/\O/\o/
I really enjoyed this post! Thank you!
Angie said…
I know this story well, but never really noticed the ring. Beautiful truth, Mike.
dot said…
This is one of my favorite Bible stories.

Godbless you Mike