Florida Healing Outpouring

I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you...Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor His ear too dull to hear.
2 Kings 20:5-6, Isaiah 59:1

It seems the healings in Lakeland Florida are continuing to amaze the world, and the move of the Holy Spirit is breaking out in other parts of the US and further afield. After seeing so many extraordinary healings on live TV, with people getting out of wheelchairs, the blind receiving their sight and the deaf beginning to hear, it is great to see people coming forward to verify their healing with medical proof. But if, like me, you sense that scepticism rising up, then let's ask ourselves the question; what would we need to see to absolutely convince us that this was God? Let's pray that we don't fall into the trap of missing the coming of God just because He chooses to come in a way that don't expect or approve of!


zakscloset said…
you're right! i can heal myself by eating! but i'm no god!!!!
Joel Gill said…
very wise words Mike, thank you!
Jane Eyre said…
I believe that we limit God's healing by our unbelief.
Jesus couldn't do a lot of healing in His home town due to the lack of faith there.
IF we His children would have more Faith, live more Holy lives, and spend more time in Prayer & reading His HOLY Word, instead of sitting behind the t.v. or whatever it is we do instead of "getting fed", by His Word, I believe God could do much more healing today.
PRAISE GOD for the Healing that does take place despite "the broken world" we live in.
Sidharth said…
Amen to you Jane.

There's a post I am writing on Prayer, I'm sure it will bless you when it comes.

Mike, there are so many miracles, healings, signs and wonders taking place, but many in the world are unaware of it.

Watch God in action through this servant of God: Miracles at Surinam and Guyana

Mind you these are just some of miracles and healings that took place. I encourage you to watch his program on TV, which is called the Ernest Angley Hour or the Ninety and Nine Club.

God is on the move revealing His glory to humanity.

Be blessed.

Andrea said…
I truly believe God can heal...we saw His miracle healing in our daughter. Through prayer we can reach out to God but we ourselves cannot heal someone. It has to be the touch of God that does the healing.
GrandmaK said…
I truly believe in miracles as so many do. I prayed for the miracle of healing for my son, Wes, with diabetes. For years I prayed. Finally, in a dream God said to me, "If I heal him, he will die." And indeed he would have. Because no one would have known he was healed he would continue to take his insulin and eventually overdose and die. There are many ways to be healed and not all in the physical. The healing power of God is truly present and working all the time...Perhaps those who need it the most are the ones inspired by the healing they see on TV in order to come to believe.

Next Sunday is Pentecost when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. It is a time to celebrate God in all His wonder and the gift of healing in whatever form it may take. Remember God has the Power, the instruments he uses are those he chooses to administer this Power. It is imperative that it be understood that the power comes from God through his Holy Spirit, not from the one healing. In Acts 8, we read the story of Simon the magician who wanted to buy the power to heal. We are told that the gift of healing cannot be purchased but only given by God. We must have faith that the healing is from God. Amen.

God Bless, Mike.--Cathy
Gudl said…
I believe, God can and is healing people today.
Wanda said…
Yes, He is still in the healing business, restoring body and soul.
Anonymous said…
Mike - I heard of a little girl of twelve years with terminal cancer, known by a friend of a friend, who went down to Florida to Todd Bentley's church meeting. Someone decided she should go to the service and paid her way to go. She has reportedly been healed. And my friend is down there right now on business, hoping to attend the meetings. It is exciting and encouraging.
AutumnRose said…
If you look closely at his webiste, there is much about Todd Bentley's teaching which is un-Biblical and self, rather than God, glorifying. We are called to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves, and I think this whole area calls for careful discernment. Some of his teachings on angels are downright bizarre! It also seems that although healing is claimed, conversion (which surely constitutes revival) is not very apparent.

I believe in the healing power of God, as has been proven at Lourdes, for example, but the "revival" in Florida concerns me greatly. Spiritual powers can be abused by men and granted by demons ~ we would do well not to forget this.

Blessings, I'm glad I stopped by today!

:) AR xx